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Posted on March 01 2016


Watches are a reflection of your personal taste. Your wristwatch is an identifier of your individual style and reflects who you are as a person. Whether you’re looking for a luxury watch as a fashion accessory or a vintage watch to showcase sophistication, this infographic will help you understand the wide variety of styles available in modern timepieces.

Watches have become more of a fashion statement. People wear wristwatches to communicate about their personality and match their outfit. There are many different types of watches in a whole range of styles that can perfectly suit your needs in different occasions including vintage watch, dress watch, tech watch, sports watch, and leather band watch among others. You can even find dozens of unusually shaped watch cases including Carre, Carage, Tonneau and more. Are you still confused about what type of watch you should wear to work and in less formal occasions? The below infographic will help you make a smart buying decision when purchasing a watch.

buying watches infographic