Orbita Futura 3 Watch Winder w34004

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The FUTURA 3 w34004 watchwinder employs truly innovative technology whereby an ironless core Swiss micromotor is concealed within one of each of the three pairs of ball-bearing fitted stainless steel support rollers. Seated on those tubular rollers are three (3) rotating stainless steel hollow cylinders into which the watches are mounted on elastomeric self-conforming cushions. There is no metal-to-metal contact as the drive rollers are equipped with nitrile rubber tires at both ends.
SKU W34004
Brand Orbita
Product Other
Material Alternative
Gemstone None
Dimensions 7.1H x 15.3W x 5.5D
Size 7.1H x 15.3W x 5.5D
Power Source 4 C" cell batteries (not included) or AC adapter (included)"
Material Black lacquer wooden base with stainless steel hollow cylinder exterior with base plate
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