Orbita Avanti 3 Watch Winder

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The most popular winder can grow as your watch collection increases. The Avanti 3 is designed to wind three watches with three storage drawers. However, it can be factory upgraded to become the elegant six watch winder, or you can order it as a six right from the start. The six version has two drawers for lay down storage of strapped watches. Combining exotic Macassar veneer and genuine carbon fiber trim results in an impressive cabinet that will retain a great look forever.
SKU W70000
Brand Orbita
Product Other
Material Alternative
Gemstone None
Dimensions 13.5W x 15.15H x 8.15D
Size 13.5W x 15.15H x 8.15D
Power Source 2 D Lithium Batteries
Material Brazilian Rosewood w/Carbon Fiber Trim
Category: Gifts & Accessories