Orbita Cristalo Single 1 Watch Winder w34020


The Cristalo w34020 winder features 9 separate winding programs to meet the requirements of virtually any mechanical watch. Programming is easily accomplished using a rotary selector switch. The Cristalo is equipped with Lithium batteries that last close to 5 years. Offering a modern appearance, the winding module is mounted atop a mirror finished stainless steel base plate. The base plate is then inserted in place on an elegant black Lacquer base. An attractive crystal glass dust cover provides a totally enclosed display area that easily lifts off the lacquered base.
SKU W34020
Dimensions 6.0 x 6.0 x 7.50
Power Source 5 year lithium battery
Material Black Lacquer winder box with glass lid
Brand Orbita
Price $925.00
Category: Gifts & Accessories